Gerwin creates music and sound. Due to years of experience as a composer, songwriter, and sound designer, he has developed a taste for working in various musical genres and contexts.

This has resulted in a highly varied portfolio, ranging from musical compositions for movies to songwriting to sound design for commercials. He is driven by working together with talented creatives: synergy is the backbone of every project.

Having finished his bachelor’s degree in Composition and Music production at the University of the Arts Utrecht, he now pursues his master’s degree in Music Pathway Design. He has done an internship as composer and sound designer at music studio Good Sounds and MacLoud in Amsterdam. On top of that, he has worked as a library composer at BMG music. As a guitarist he has played in several pop & rock bands, and in the rhythm section of a chamber orchestra.

If you have any questions regarding to his work or just want to drink some coffee, feel free to contact him!